Hi, I’m Meris. Welcome to my blog!

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Here you will find an account of my learning to sew and knit for the past 7 years. The projects can be split into two broad categories, cosplay and everyday apparel.

I adopted the Fabric Alchemist moniker back in 2012, following the lead of other cosplayers. The name was inspired by my third binge-marathon of Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood. In the middle of the anime marathon, I realized that the process of sewing was similar to how alchemy is described in the series, the art/science of transmuting a material into a new form. My blog and cosplay identity reflect both my creative tendencies and my geeky soul.

Join me as I level up my sewing skills and find ways to wear my geekiness on my sleeve.


Who am I?

I could provide a litany of labels (geek, nerd, feminist, INFJ, environmentalist, hapa, etc.) or I could write a narrative of the past 30+ years. Instead, here are a few random things (in no particular order) worth knowing about me:

  • I have worked as a historical archaeologist, museum  program coordinator, and event manager.
  • I enjoy birding (especially ducks!)
  • I own a cat, who loves to provide input (read: fur) on my sewing.
  • We just got a puppy, who likes to chew fabric and that has me worried.
  • I spent hours watching the Star Trek screen saver on our first color-screen Macintosh computer
  • My dad read the opening scroll every time we watched Star Wars together
  • My dad also read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings to me multiple times
  • My mom taught me to sew and draw
  • My grandma (and YouTube) taught me to knit

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