Cosplay Projects

Costumes are grouped by franchise and listed with dates and location of debut. Full galleries for each costume will be coming later in 2017.

All costumes made or modified by me. Some commissioned or purchased props and undergarments are noted as such in the full write-ups.

Seattle Met Cosplay Hacks Video

Associated article: Meris Mullaley is Ready for GeekGirlCon

Jyn Erso: Rogue One

Jyn Erso (2017, ECCC)

Dragon Age:Inquisition

Leliana, Spymaster of the Inquisition (2014, PAX Prime)

Costume Breakdown, Coat of Armor, Bow, Leg Armor (worbla)

Assassin’s Creed

Ezio Auditore, AC2: Brotherhood (2012, Emerald City Comicon)

Interpreting, Designing, and Constructing the Assassin


Shao Jun, AC Chronicles: China (2015, PAX Prime)

Reference Images & Resources

Generic AssassinAC2: Brotherhood (2012, PAX Prime)

Costume Notes: “Lady Assassin”

Legend of Korra

Korra, Season 4 (2015, Emerald City Comic Con)

Team Avatar photoshoot with N8Zim Photography

Amon (2013, Emerald City Comic Con)

Korra (Season 1) (2013, Emerald City Comic Con)

Costume Notes – Season 1 Korra, Amon


Mulan (2015, Emerald City Comicon)

Costume Notes: Costume, Medallion, Sword

Bioshock: Infinite

Elizabeth Comstock & Booker DeWitt (2013, PAX Prime)

Costume Notes Elizabeth, Booker, Researching Historical Fashions

Costume Commissions

Gold Dragon (2016, PAX West)


Myconid King (2015, PAX Prime)



Dungeon Master (2012, PAX Prime)


Victorian Lady (2012, Halloween)


Santa Claus, 2013


The Early Years

Egyptian Deity (2002, Halloween)


My Little Pony (2009, Halloween)

Morning Glory--Flutter Pony
Morning Glory, Flutter Pony (Halloween 2009)

Kaylee, Firefly (2011, PAX Prime)



One thought on “Cosplay Projects

  1. I just wanted to say that you are awesome! I’m just getting into cosplaying, and I was struggling to decided who would be my first cosplay: Kaylee from Firefly or Elizabeth from Bioshock. I just think it is funny that you have done both! And quite amazing work I must say! Thank you for the tutorials!!

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