Seasonal Affects

The night is dark and full of restlessness. We’ve survived a week of time shift in the United States, falling back one hour into standard time. The mornings are better. daylight starts to blink on within the 6 o’clock hour. The evenings are brutal. I come home in a darkness that feels like it should … More Seasonal Affects

Make it work, Aires

A reckoning came for my fabric stash. Full of fabrics for costumes long-completed, I wanted to make physical and emotional room for new fashion sewing projects. During that reckoning, I kept the leftover costume fabric with potential for functional every-day clothes. Spandex was repurposed fun, personalized workout gear. I started with the Seamwork Aires, one … More Make it work, Aires

Cultivating Creativity

Thinking about the last 24 hours gives me a warm feeling of personal fulfillment realized. I’m slowly reclaiming unstructured time for myself and rediscovering how my creativity thrives. I started this post nearly two years ago when I read an article about how busyness impedes creativity. That alone should tell you something. There is always … More Cultivating Creativity