Top 5 Sewing Reflections of 2016

This is going to be the longest of the 2016 #SewingTop5 posts. When I reflect, it is like holding two mirrors up to each other — the thoughts bounce back and forth to infinity. 1. A Year Without [new] Cosplay To break the cycle of stress and and creative constipation, I resolved to not make … More Top 5 Sewing Reflections of 2016

Top 5 Hits of 2015

2015 is the year I finally felt immensely confident in my own sewing. I only felt “competent” in previous years. There were still stressful moments and long nights, but I never felt like I couldn’t do the skills the projects asked for.
This year was a year of costumes and almost nothing else. I can guarantee that will come up again in my #SewingTop5 revelations and goals write-ups. 🙂 … More Top 5 Hits of 2015