Love’s Labour’s Lost

Best laid plans, eh?

Maya likes to help measure

This bit of gray twill fabric caused me heaps of trouble in the lead up to Emerald City Comic Con. First it was too irregularly shaped to use for Korra’s pants, forcing me to buy new fabric for my costume. Then I had the brilliant idea to use the gray fabric for Greg’s Amon costume (Korra’s enemy in the first season).

I drafted a pattern for Amon’s tunic/vest using Ezio’s undertunic pattern as the baseline, and simply shortened it a bit and adjusted the hemline. I thought I had this costume in the bag. I did not have to reinvent the wheel this time.

Amon's main tunic = Ezio's under tunic
Amon’s main tunic = Ezio’s under tunic

I lined the interior of the tunic with black satin (in my stash after completing a victorian halloween costume last year). I was so proud of my stashbusting accomplishment and I couldn’t wait to enter it in the February Stashbusting Challenge. The garment came together quickly and was responding well to pressing. In fact, I was feeling a little cocky.

My illusion of success was shattered as soon as Greg put the tunic on. (no photo available because it looked THAT ridiculous!)

How the hell did it get so short!?!

The front hem was just angled too sharply on the first version

I confess that there was a moment of rage and sulking upstairs. I felt I had wasted a weekend and good material. Then reason worked its way back into my brain, with Greg’s help. He was happy to help pay for new fabric, and this vest (although short) could still be used for a different costume in the future. Maybe something steampunk?

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions for how this garment could be used? Any genre. Male or female.

 I’ll be posting the rest of my Amon costume notes soon.

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