MMM’13: Week 1


As if on cue for Me May May, brilliant sunshine poured into Seattle for this first week of the month. This makes wearing my handmade clothes much easier, as most of it tends to be suited for semi-warm weather.

Wednesday, May 1
Denim skirt (summer 2012)
Hand-me-down RTW Jacket from my Po-Po

I need to a better photo spot.

I love wearing this skirt. It was refashioned from a thrift store find and is super comfortable. As it turned out, May Day protests in Seattle caused some after-work commute challenges. In hindsight, I am glad I wore my flat boots and not cute heels. I was getting nowhere on the bus, so I walked through most of Downtown to make my commuter train connection.

Cold morning bonus: On the bus ride I realized I was also wearing my self-stitched fingerless gloves.

Thursday, May 2:
Pin-tucked bedsheet blouse (2012)

Selfies are a challenge. Thank goodness for tri-pods.

I wear this shirt a lot, especially after taking in the back dart seams. It no longer gapes in the front when I bend over. Like today, I tend to pair this shirt with jeans; gray and blue always look good together.

Friday, May 3:
Khaki pencil skirt (2012)

Maya tried to photo bomb me.

I wore this skirt for MMM’12, but only to a friend’s birthday. It has not been worn much since, due to various life and work circumstances. As I said before, hooray for a job where I can dress nicely. I received a couple compliments on the skirt.

I really need to make a pair of pants. All of my me-mades are skirts or shirts that only look good with jeans. I guess we do have three more weeks in May…

As I mentioned in my pledge, I am not holding myself to the challenge on weekends. I need time to do laundry.

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