What’s on the mannequin?

My in-progress projects have various states of being:

  • Folded on the sewing table with pins in place
  • Folded in a bag or crate, no pins, and likely out of sight (possibly forgotten until next year)
  • Hanging on the dress form/mannequin

My primary active project tends to hold the coveted mannequin spot, and right now it is modeling part of a Halloween costume I am making for a friend.  I cut up a jacket from Value Village to mimic a Victorian-era (-ish) bolero or cropped jacket. Notice the lace sleeve? Eventually it will look less like a bad band uniform and more like a victim of Jack the Ripper.

Beneath the surgically-enhanced jacket is the muslin for an underbust corset (Simplicity Pattern 1819). I will use the muslin as the corset’s interior lining down the road. Once I finish this costume, which also uses Simplicity 1819 for a skirt pattern (short version), I want to spend some time discussing the merits and drawbacks of this pattern. It seems like a lot of people are using it for Steampunk costumes, but the costume itself has only been reviewed a couple times online.

Already I’ve found that I can comfortably use a corset pattern one size smaller than what is recommended on the back of the envelope. This is consistent with my previous Simplicity pattern experiences. We’ll have to see what happens with the skirt

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