What’s on the Mannequin?


Obviously it is Korra! We are well past the pattern drafting stage (don’t worry, I’ll revisit and summarize the patterns in a later post). Next week I will start adding details like:

1) the white trim around the collar and armholes
2) the white [faux] fur along the hem of the suede skirt
3) blue sash/tie for the skirt
4) arm bands and hair wraps
5) oh yeah, and pants!

I like this stage of a costume. The major components are coming together and it looks like the character. If I had to wear this tomorrow I could make a few minor adjustments to the costume in this stage and it would “work.”

Now that I have everything together I can see that the skirts do appear to be a little longer than they should. Concept art for Korra shows the points of both skirts hitting mid thigh. But it is better to cut back than try to add length, which is a problem I just ran into on the costume I am making for Greg. I am waiting until I complete the pants (still looking for that perfect gray fabric) before making any length adjustments to the skirt. I want to try it all on together and see how it drapes with all of those layers.

2 thoughts on “What’s on the Mannequin?

  1. Looking at the shirt, you might alternatively consider a camisole that has built-in support, rather then just the sports bra we were discussing yesterday?

    My concern is the lines that a sports bra may create…?

  2. I am planning to take this shirt with me to the mall when trying on bras and camis. The shirt front is double-layered, so it concealed bra straps. Just not the bulky underwires.

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