Nemara – my Extra-Life D&D Character

For the last three years Greg has organized a Dungeons & Dragons marathon as part of Extra-Life to raise money for The Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals. It has been fun hanging out with friends to play and watch D&D while we all slowly get sleep deprived.

This year, I promised to wear a costume based on my character if I raised at least $250 and thanks to family and friends I crossed my threshold!

So let me introduce, Nemara.

Nemara is a female high elf, who has lived the last few decades as a hermit in the woods. She retreated from society after her immediate family were brutally murdered by an unknown creature (or creatures), and the elders refused to engage in the outside world to seek out the killers. Feeling betrayed, Nemara turned her back on her life and went in search of the killers. At this point, after the many years of searching, Nemara is viewed by others as a bit of a conspiracy theorist or mythological creature fanatic. She is certain that she has gained great insight into the creatures that murdered her family and it is her destiny to destroy this evil. She has taken many risks and isolated past allies in search of this knowledge. Tracking down the latest clue has brought her to this alliance.

Our DM, Chloe, gave my character some good story hooks and some resolution. Unfortunately my character was far too serious for a late night D&D shift. I’ll work on that for next year.

TL/DR – Nemara is a hermit elf ranger who is on a quest to avenge her family.

(Let’s table the conversation about my excessively tragic characters for another day.)

The party wakes up in a dark, moldy cave. Photo by Kristine Hassell
We survived! Photo by Kristine Hassell

The costume is built from pieces of other costumes – She is part Leliana (hood, leather armor, pants, gloves), Part Ezio (sword), and part RenFaire peasant (tunic and blouse). The wig was originally bought for Korra, but I never got around to styling it into a ponytail. The necklace was a bridesmaid gift from my friend Terry, the silver aspen leaf is totally a thing that high elves would have had and then my character found her mother’s locket in a dark tower.

The ears were made from craft foam in 10 minutes, based on this tutorial. However, they were VERY warm and didn’t stay on my ears. The hood kept knocking them off. So the ears substituted as “mushrooms” that our party encountered in the Underdark and ate to gain abilities.

I do love being able to cobble together costumes. I may try to do this more often.

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