Sewing Inspiration: Jackets & Vest

If you follow me in Pinterest, your feed may have been inundated with olive green vests and structured jackets today. I attended a groundbreaking event today for the Burke Museum in Seattle, and as I stood in the crowd I could’t help but notice all of the unique and stylish students, museum employees, and local government representatives. It was a cooler day and everyone had donned their light or mid-weight jackets. 

My Works-in-Progress (or WIP) list is very long, so naturally my mind started swimming with oodles of projects and self-designed garments.

Even though I am very excited to be sewing more clothes for my everyday life, I really miss the creative development process of making costumes from the pieces of patterns. At the same time, I don’t want every garment I make to have to be from scratch. The sewing community is rich with awesome patterns for shirts, dresses, and now pants, but I haven’t fallen in love with the outerwear options yet. So, this will be where I embrace my creative design impulse and explore drafting, draping, and sewing a couple statement pieces from scratch.

I feel giddy about all of the possibilities. I will share more about the original inspiration for these garments in another, less sleepy post. 



3 thoughts on “Sewing Inspiration: Jackets & Vest

  1. I find my inner eye wanders when I’m at some meeting or watching some show that isn’t quite engaging my active brain, and it’s “OOOH LOOK AT THAT SLEEVE” or other such detail.

    It will be a great pleasure to see what you’ve been absorbing.

  2. One of the sewing projects I’ve wanted to do for the longest time is to make a fleece pea coat. Of course, now Old Navy sells them, I still keep that one on the to-do list.

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