La Première Semaine de Me-Made-May

My first week of Me-Made-May 2016 has been both wonderful and a little lackluster. It feels like something is missing and I can’t place my finger on it. My challenge is to wear something me-made every day, and not repeat outfits during the month.

May 1

My new Adelaide dress and I received many compliments when I wore this to our friends’ Greek Easter dinner. I felt comfortable in it: the length was good and the waist had room to eat LOTS of spanakopita and lamb. The cotton sateen-like fabric also has a sleekness to it that gives the dress an almost fancy air. I chose to wear the dress with tan pumps, but could easily pair it with sandals (and really I was barefoot at their house so it didn’t matter). I would wear this dress to a casual or semi-formal summer wedding.


After wearing the dress for half a day, I do have a couple of fit concerns:

  • The bottom snap kept pulling apart under stress if I sat or stood too quickly.
  • The armholes continue to feel a little tight on the underside.

May 2

Mondays are my weekends and I spent this 86-degree day around the house and yard. I didn’t wear Me-Makes while gardening, but while lounging around home I threw on my purple knit dress. I did not want to be in pants.

After 2 years, this self-drafted poly-blend knit dress is beginning to show its age. The fabric is pilling. I sometimes wear it to work, but it has become more of a lounge dress than a work dress.

May 3

Back to work after a too-short weekend. This was an all-me-made outfit: Cambie Dress, Pearl(ish) earrings, and gauze infinity scarf (unblogged).  I enjoyed mixing the monochromatic patterns of the dress and scarf, both are somewhat floral-based. I am not sure this is the best scarf look for the sweetheart neckline of the Cambie Dress.


At a coffeehouse on an overcast day. #EssentialSeattle


May 4

Easy does it. I love my New Look 6104 blouse, made from a cotton-silk that I got from Morgan. I wear this so much. Though I usually pair it with a cardigan. I like how it looks with a jacket, especially this knit blazer that contrasts with the woven material of the blouse. I really like mixing fabric textures.

May 5

Bummed that I had not coordinated a Star Wars themed outfit for May the Fourth, I was determined to find a casual cosplay to wear to the CIVIL WAR premiere in the evening.

I have been trying to find a use for the red ponte fabric for months and in a late-night creative spurt I sewed up a quick knit pencil skirt with a waistband and back darts for shaping. Red is a very common color among the Avengers – Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Thor and Iron Man all have red elements in their suits.

Once the skirt was done, I went to my closet to pick the rest of the outfit. I ultimately went with Falcon, who has been a favorite of mine every since he graced the screen in Winter Soldier. His cinematic suit is mostly black with hints of red and white/silver. His comic book look, however is a bit closer to my final outfit, which includes a handknit sweater (Breakwater on Ravelry).

I love this photo so much! (Kudos to my husband for taking it.)

May 6

This New Look 6104 blouse is one of my oldest, continuously worn handmade garments. It layers well and can be dressed up or down, so it is in play all year long. It is showing its age as well, but it is still great for casual Fridays.

Both the cropped pants and the jacket are thrifted clothes that are on heavy rotation in the spring, summer, and fall.

May 7

Today’s outfit had to do a lot of things – 1) it had to be suitable for managing a museum program about couture fashion from Paris; 2) it has to weather the 80-degree weather; and 3) it had to be comfortable enough for game night with friends.

I wore my new Akita Blouse from Seamwork Magazine. I’ve washed this shirt once and I’ve noticed that the method they suggest for cutting the side seams is causing the armhole to unravel. I need to add some stitching and fray-check.

Photo op with the COPA American Trophy.


Thoughts on the Week-One

  • I added an element to the month’s challenge, all my photos (while still semi-staged) catch me doing something in places I went that day. (Last year it was showing off and checking out new photo areas in our new house.) I needed some variety – I found that since I already wear my me-made clothes somewhat regularly, I wasn’t getting excited about “discovering” new outfits. It is also an extension of Gillian’s Better Pictures Projects, in a way. I must get more photos in front of Cinerama’s blue tile wall!
  • I love how global this community event is.
  • You are all inspiring me to finish my Ginger Jeans! You all look so smashing!


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