I’m the Avatar, deal with it: Korra Cosplay Gallery (Book 4)

Looking back on 2015 (now two years ago!), Korra was a big part of my year .

Characters like Buffy and Jean Gray were superpowered leaders that inspired me when I was younger. I didn’t look like them and I did not activiely dwell on that thought. But when Korra came into my life, I realized how much I craved a hero who resembled me

I feel comfortable in this costume and not just because it is made of soft stretch fabrics. Korra is a character I am proud to impersonate. I feel strong when I cosplay the Avatar.

Legend of Korra cosplay water bending
Water bending. Photo by N8Zim Photography.
Korra deals with Seattle rain
Even a waterbender needs an umbrella in Seattle. Photo by N8Zim Photography

The Avatar Universe lends itself well to group cosplays and that is a large part of the appeal. I got to hang out with my friends at Emerald City. Cosplay is great with friends!

Team Avatar…and Kuvira. Photo by N8Zim Photography
Always make time for tea with your sky bison. Photo by N8Zim Photography


Korra had a broad following and it is great to meet other cosplayers. 🙂



But mostly I like feeling strong and capable.



Stay tuned for the long-overdue post on how I made this Korra costume, and how you can too!


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