Top 5 of 2016!

If you follow Crafting a Rainbow, you know that the #SewingTop5 is back! When I look back on 2016, I hope it will be known as one of my building years, personally and professionally. 

All of my #SewingTop5 posts will land this week, ramping up to the start of 2017! 

First of all, I want to check in on my Goals for 2016:

1. Take a break from new costumes next year and focus on that Handmade Wardrobe.This was a hard decision. I might write more about it later. In short, the process of designing new costumes from scratch was creating some unhealthy habits. I’ll keep cosplaying and tweaking “finished” costumes as I teach myself new techniques (foam armor, resin casting, painting, etc.), and my priority is going to be making awesome clothes I can wear to work and around town.

Yes. This was the best decision for the year. While I did not have time to experiment with prop and armor making, the break from making new cosplays really gave my creativity time and space to breathe. (More thoughts to come in the Top 5 reflections.)

2. Refine fitting skills. From small-bust adjustments to sway back or even bigger butt adjustments, I want to learn more about fitting my body and pattern adjustments. I need to figure out why Shao Jun’s sleeves never fit.

I did not have any active fitting sessions, except one with Morgan and my Ginger Jeans. But I was more conscious of fit and fitting issues throughout my sewing process. I also paid more attention to silhouettes I liked and make sure I chose patterns that suited me. There was also some body positivity and body neutrality going on. 

3. Learn draping. I am a good spatial thinker and I am fascinated by draping and fabric manipulation. In theory it would speed up some of my costume design. It might also encourage me to explore original designs for everyday clothes.

I did not achieve this. Everything I made this year was a pattern. The closest I got was when I was working on the dragon costume. 

4. Managing my time so that I am not choosing between sewing or friends, but have intentional time for each. See revelation #5.

5. Mentor and support my friends as they learn to sew. Why not multitask – hang out with friends AND sew. I already have plans to work on Ginger Jeans with one friend and I’ve talked with others about monthly sewing nights.

In response to both #4 and #5, there is always never enough time in a week, but there have been a few instances where I have been able to focus on friends. 

Tomorrow – Top 5 Sewing Highlights

2 thoughts on “Top 5 of 2016!

  1. I really enjoyed our fit session! Maybe we could get together sometime in the new year and use your super cool book to diagnose some upper body fit stuff? I got a fresh look at my back in a knit top, and it’s a mess 🙂

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