Gold Dragon for PAX West 2016

When someone asks if you could transform Chris Perkins into a Gold Dragon, you say “Yes!”

Embracing the Asian (mainly Chinese) inspiration for the Gold Dragons’ appearance and behavior, I drew on my personal Chinese heritage and designed a costume reminiscent of traditional Han Dynasty-era robes (the hanfu).

The long full sleeves are shaped to resemble the dragon’s sail-like wings and were made with a sheer, creased fabric (it wasn’t quite as stiff as organza, but stiffer than chiffon). When his arms are at rest, the tips fall just above the floor.


The main robe features sporadic sections of dragon scale texture, made using the technique from the Game of Thrones costume designer (see below).


The front flap was painted with draconic script. In many robes, this flap features some kind of embroidery.



The waist is defined by a wide belt or pseudo- corset in a bronze stretch fabric to mimic the leathery underbelly plates. The overlapping sections were inspired by this leather doublet.



The mask, claws, and shoulder armor were designed and created by Amanda Sharpe. The claws were attached to a pair of stretch gloves to wear under the wing-sleeves. You should really check out her page. Her artwork and leatherwork are amazing. 

This is my second original costume design. I’m incredibly proud of it and you can read a bit more about my design process in the October issue of Dragon+ Magazine.

I think Chris rocked the costume on stage. If you are a D&D fan and missed the game, you can catch it here:


2 thoughts on “Gold Dragon for PAX West 2016

  1. I’m behind in my reading. DAMN this is fine. I mean, wow. Stellar work.

    I got no words, obviously. But… DAMN. Thank you for making stuff this wonderful. Makes the world better.

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