Winter Blahs

How do you break out of the winter blahs or Seasonal Affective Disorder? How do you motivate yourself? How do you practice self care?

The rains have returned to Seattle and they have washed away my energy. Usually sewing gives me energy, but I can’t quite muster what I need to get that state of flow going. The holidays have passed and the wet winter slog stretches out ahead of me.

There isn’t even much to this post. I just wanted to have an outlet. Some place to try to pour out my soggy and sluggish feelings. I also believe it is important to share the moments that aren’t as Instagram-friendly.

Thanks for being here, friends. Sweet dreams!

3 thoughts on “Winter Blahs

  1. This time of year is terrible for getting the blues. I am currently living in the north of Scotland and the days here are grey and dark. If you are working you only see the sun through a window. I hope that your sparkle returns very soon. Lighter days are not far ahead. Xx

  2. Have you tried light therapy? I’ve never used it but if it’s serious it might be worth a try. Try a little self care and just let yourself be still. Good luck!

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