The Costumes and Sisterhood of Wonder Woman

You may have heard some news recently about a movie called “Wonder Woman”. I have seen it twice now and each time I leave the theater filled with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and strength. It was the most fun I have had at a movie since possibly Mad Max: Fury Road.

I am more familiar with Marvel than DC and Wonder Woman was just one of those voids in my geek knowledge. I went into this movie knowing the basics of her background as an Amazon, knowing that many comics fans loved her, and that there was a 1970s tv show staring Lynda Carter. Because of this, I haven’t considered cosplaying as Wonder Woman before. All of that has changed now. I get it. I totally get it.

I have really enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman nearly take over my social media feeds. People are talking about the movie. My friends are feeling strong. Cosplayers are adding Amazon Warrior to their cosplay list. There are already multiple communities of cosplayers drafting Amazon Warrior armor templates for the convention circuit. Cosplay friends who usually have vastly different cosplay interests are coming together on this. I’m eager to make an Amazon costume, and not just because I want to feel fierce. I want to be part of something that regonizes and celebrates sisterhood and commonality in the geek and cosplay community, rather than the competition and judgement that can divide us.

One of the Facebook groups I belong to started sharing images of the Amazon actresses in costume, both of the warrior armor and the everyday-garments. It inspired me to go to my second viewing in Amazon-casual.

The dress is from my Egyptian goddess costume (2002), which was made from a lengthened sheath dress pattern.


The sandals were hand made in Athens, Greece and I bought them up when I was studying abroad in 2003.

The belt was from a local RenFaire vendor and just conviently had horses on the emblem. (I think that I bought it with Rohan and Eowyn in mind.)

The ring was also a purchase during my Athens study abroad program. It is a constant reminder of my love of history and my own origin story.

The armor (for those eagle-eyed readers) is the shoulder armor from my Shao Jun Cosplay.

If you are equally inspired to make an outfit or armor for your next trip to Themyscira, I encourage you to check out this awesome Pinterest board featuring the Amazons from the Wonder Woman Film.

You might also enjoy this article from Fashionista: “The Wonder Woman Costumes are a Celebration of Female Empowerment“.

Now, go kick some ass! (In the name of peace and love of course.)

4 thoughts on “The Costumes and Sisterhood of Wonder Woman

  1. I love this ensemble, I particularly enjoy knowing where the pieces come from. I love everyday cosplay; it’s a little more joy in the world. I am hoping to see the film this week. Lucky for me it’s going to have a long run! I may need the time!

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