Dressed for Brooklyn

When my mom and I started planning our weekend trip to Brooklyn, New York I thought about taking a whole me-made wardrobe for the two-and-a-half day trip. That ambitious idea shrunk down to one new dress, and it is the best dress I could have taken. I wore a dress made from the fabric I bought in Brooklyn in 2016

I took this dress on a welcome home tour through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Brooklyn Museum, and the High Line in Manhattan.

The weather was warm (80s) and humid, but overcast for portions of the day. This linen dress kept me cool, didn’t fly up in the wind, and blended in with the greenery of the garden.

Contemplating the waterlily

I was most eager to see the waterlilies. The variety of colors and species were impressive, but the overall display was not as exciting as I had hoped.

I paired the dress with a denim jacket (that mostly hung on my purse) and canvas slip-on sneakers (which gave my feet horrible blisters because I had not broken them in properly).


After wearing the dress for a full day, even with the under-stitching, the humidity and sweat made the facing flip up slightly. I plan to top-stitch the neckline and armholes to keep the rayon facing down.

I am very proud of this dress. It reinforced the idea I’ve had of buying apparel fabric as souvenirs of my travels. Thanks to this trip, this dress will forever remind me of Brooklyn, city parks, and family.

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