Me-Made May ’12 begins today!

‘I, Meris, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear at least two different handmade* garments or accessories each week for the duration of May 2012.’

*Ideally these will be handmade by ME, but in a pinch I do have a couple items (a pair of earrings, a scarf) that were handmade gifts from friends. Handmade can also include refashioned, and upcycled items.

I watched a couple bloggers do this last year when I had no handmade garments on hand. I still don’t have a large number (hence my 2-items per week handicap), but I wanted to dive in this year to give myself a push. To meet my challenge, I will need to finish my three “in-progress” projects before month’s end, and possibly start a couple more. I am also hoping to use this as a means to explore my wardrobe from different perspectives and find more uses for clothes that hide in the back of my closet.

I plan to post weekly updates, with photos of the outfits.

Visit “So, Zo…what do you know?” for more details on this year’s challenge, the Facebook and Flickr pages, and the history of past challenges.

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