Stashbusting with Korra & Amon

I, Meris (aka the Fabric Alchemist), commit to using at least one piece of stash fabric in every sewing project in 2013. I also commit to not buying new fabric unless the new fabrics are to be used alongside stash fabric to complete the larger project (e.g. a costume).

Korra is a better stashbuster than Amon.

When I joined the 2013 Stashbusting Challenge, I chose my words carefully for the following pledge, knowing that most costumes would require some new fabrics. Technically I met the conditions of this pledge, but I wish more components had been made from stash fabrics.

Here are the final Stashbusting scores for the Korra and Amon Costumes:


From the Stash? 4

  • Brown Suede Skirt  — formerly curtains from Greg’s parents’ house
  • Navy Skirt  — remnant from a messenger bag project from 2000 (my high school colors were Blue & Gray)
  • Fur Trim  — picked up from a fabric swap Meet-Up event
  • Blue sash  — formerly Greg’s dress shirt, marred by food and oil stains

New Fabrics Purchased? Yes. Gray cotton twill for the pants; blue, white and navy spandex for the shirt and arm bands.


From the Stash? 3

  • Brown trim (collar and armor) — Scraps acquired from a thrift shop
  • Burgundy vinyl — remnants from another costume
  • Belt (vinyl and black spandex) — left overs from thrift shop scrap bag and a previous shirt I made

Bonus, Greg was able to use his normal-people clothes (black slacks and a black knit undershirt) to supplement Amon’s costume. And he rewore the boots we bought for Ezio.

New Fabrics Purchased? Yes. Gray stretch cotton twill and 6 gold buttons.

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