A Song of Ice & Fire (& Yarn)

HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 3 begins tonight! (Perhaps those of you on the East Coast have already seen it). I am super excited, but also apprehensive. I do not have a strong constitution, and neither George R.R. Martin nor the series creators hold anything back. There is a lot of sorrow and a LOT of bloody gore.┬áBut I love the story, and I want to see how it plays out on screen.

My coping strategy is knitting. (Like Arya Stark, Needle is my weapon of choice.) I can continue to listen to what is happening, but I don’t have to witness the beheading or the intestines spilling out. When the coast is clear, I can look up and refocus on the story. This is also good for knitting productivity.

For Season 3, I will be working on this cardigan:

Vintage-inspired cardigan from Berroco

This will be my first attempt to work with a pattern chart. I barely have enough yarn for this, so the sleeves may be a little shorter.

Project notes on Ravelry suggest this can be a quick pattern to knit up. If this is true, I will need to find another project for the second half of the season.

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