Coming Soon…my return to blogging

I have not been particularly good about documenting my projects recently. My obsessive drive to finish my PAX costumes well in advance of the con meant that I never gave myself time to step back and think about what I was making and tell you about it. In fact, I still have PAX Prime 2012 costumes that I haven’t told you about!

This weekend I am getting my ducks in a row and preparing for the start of Autumn. In addition to sewing some clothing items for my Fall wardrobe, I have a number of hand-crafted gifts to work on before the winter holiday season, and of course I have lots of costumes to tell you about.  Oh, and my new sewing space is almost complete!

Thanks for sticking around through the blogging drought. I promise to be a more engaged and contributing member of the Sewcialist and cosplay community in the coming months.

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