A surprise on my doorstep

A hundred articles have been written about how social media is changing the nature of human relationships. I know that I am guilty of some of the charges. Never being one who enjoys talking on the phone, I have taken quickly to instant messages, g-chats, Facebook posts, and tweets.

But that doesn’t mean the joy of coming home and seeing an unexpected package on the doorstep is any less magical.

I opened the box to find three bundles of fabric, four books, a bag of Rolos, and a sweet letter from a high school best friend. The first thing that struck me was how her handwriting has not changed much since 1998. We have seen each other recently, I stood by her at her wedding this summer, but it has been ages since we have exchanged written correspondence. Admittedly, the volume of passed notes in school probably balances out the lack of hand-written letters over the past decade.


She sent me a care package. A self-care package really. The fabrics are meant for regular clothing, which I continue to put off in favor of complicated and often stressful costumes. The books are meant to be fun fluff reading.

Admittedly, I have a small number of gifts to make for the holidays and I am currently in the middle of a Dragonlance book, so I won’t be immediately diving into the contents of this goodie bag. (The candies of course are quickly being devoured.) But it is reassuring to know that these are waiting for me when I need a change of pace. Thanks, my dear!

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