Colors of the Wardrobe

After the semi-completion of the 2013 Me-Made May challenge, I committed myself to exploring my wardrobe color palette, as Gillian at Crafting A Rainbow and Morgan at at Crab & Bee have previously done. This is what I discovered:

Me-Made May (or Springtime in Autumnal hues)

Thanks to the wonders of photo editing software, I was able to capture the colors of all my Me-Made May outfits…

MMM13 Wardrobe Mosaic

…and produce this color block mosaic:

MMM13 Color Blocks

Each square represents a time I wore a color, so some color blocks are duplicates but they show the frequency with which I wore certain colors. Immediately I noticed how much red[-dish] colors I wore. I used to have no red in my wardrobe, but now it seems to go with everything. The blues, grays, and black were not surprising.

I did think I wore more green, since it is my favorite color, but apparently not.

After this first color exploration, I took all of my clothes out of the closet. I wanted to see how this me-made set of outfits compared with my overall wardrobe.



So these two photos show most of my wardrobe (minus the paint-splattered grubby clothes). As soon as I started laying out my clothes by color family, I could see that I had a lot of grays (light and charcoal), bright blues, deep blues (mostly denim), purples, mauves, fuchsia/maroon, and browns. Greens are present in the small pile of teal and olive.

Now my challenge is to keep these colors in mind when I plan my sewing projects in 2014

3 thoughts on “Colors of the Wardrobe

  1. What a satisfying palette. It’s so pleasant to look at! It’s a bit labor-intensive, documenting the colors you actually wear, but I’ll bet you’ll find it useful. I’m excited to see what role the palette plays in 2014!

  2. Cool. This is about the palette I would envision for you, if I needed to conjure one up. Certainly all these colors look good on you, but I’ve always thought everything does.

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