How we cosplayed ECCC ’14

Quests of Quirkiness invited me to pen a recap of Emerald City Comicon as part of her blog’s Geeky Convention series. Head on over to read my post & watch a video clip of my favorite moment, stay for a while to look at Jen’s awesome cosplay repertoire, then come back here for pictures of my ECCC 2014 cosplay. 


Back? Cool.

Compared to previous conventions, we kept our cosplay low-key. Greg cosplayed as Malcolm Reynolds all three days of the convention. And Greg looked like this:


Following up on his successful Murder of Crow Vigors bottle (blog post forthcoming), Greg found some tutorials to turn a kid’s toy gun into Malcolm Reynolds’s pistol (blog post forthcoming). Greg’s costume components were purchased from the local Value Village (shirt), Gentleman’s Emporium (pants & suspenders), Amazon (boots) and a cosplay site for the jacket.

I wore three different costumes: Kaylee (Friday); Inara (Saturday); Korra (Sunday)

Kaylee debuted in 2011 and is entirely thrifted. Inara was also an entirely thrifted costume. I needed a break from intense, complicated costumes. It was refreshing to just find something “Inara-esque”. Admittedly few people recognized me unless I was next to Mal. Korra originally debuted at ECCC 2013. All three days I was very comfortable.

This gallery includes a small sample of the cosplay at Emerald City Comicon.


To see even more fantastic cosplay, check out these galleries:

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