Pocket, Purses and Potty Breaks

Attendees of GeekGirlCon 2015 were treated to a special panel – one focused entirely on cosplay and the perplexing questions of how do you carry your phone and go to the bathroom when you are cosplay at a convention.
It was an honor to be a part of this panel. My co-panelist Lauren, at randomtuesday.wordpress.com did a great job summarizing. And as a bonus, you can see the slides from our conversation!

If you have any other cosplay hack ideas or design challenges that need a goofy brain trust, please leave a message in the comments!


I had the delightful experience of sitting on a panel at GeekGirlCon with Meris (Fabric Alchemist) and Katrina (Needle Drive), the topic of which was ‘Pockets, Purses and Potty Breaks.’


As a collection of cosplayers we have all run into similar problems, we are frequently dressed as characters that never need to have anything on them or use magic invisible storage solutions; plus when have you ever seen any of your favorite characters go to the bathroom in their epic get ups? But as cosplayers at a convention these are things we can’t really avoid, so the three of us wanted to share some of the strategies we have found, and get other people to share out on what they have done too!

Overall the biggest take away we had was to think about these concerns before the day of the convention. Planning where your things will go, and…

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