Me Made May 2016 Pledge

Spring is upon us. The flowers are blooming. The bees are buzzing. The ducklings are hatching. And around the world, sewists and knitters are preparing for Me-Made May 2016!

I am very excited this year. Having spent the early part of 2016 sewing new clothes instead of costumes I have new handmade garments to add to the rotation. I can’t wait to see what the community shares.

Whether you are a long-time reader or a new follower, here is a recap of my previous MMMAy pledges, highlighting my growth as a sewcialist.

2012 – I endeavour to wear at least two different handmade garments or accessories each week for the duration of May 2012.

2013 – I will try to wear one handmade or refashioned item each workday.

2015 – pledge to wear at least one me-made or me-modified item everyday in May.

2016 – I, Meris of The Fabric Alchemist, will wear an outfit that features at least one handmade item every day of the month, no outfit repeats.. 

The goal here, with no outfit repeats, is to challenge myself to experiment with outfits, color combos, and silhouettes I might not think of. It is to give my less frequently worn handmade and RTW clothes a chance to see daylight. I hope the process will help me identify which garments are truly “wardrobe essentials” and which are “hopeless uncoordinated”. 🙂


I am going to try to post to Flickr and Instagram. I’m not sure about Pinterest, I haven’t figured out how to use that as a showcase. It is really just a clippings drawer for me. 🙂

Are you participating in Me-Made May?

3 thoughts on “Me Made May 2016 Pledge

  1. I almost always am wearing something I made, but I can’t go with the no repeats part. The shorts and pants for this season are too delicious not to repeat!

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