Alchemical Notes: New Silhouettes 

I had an ah-ha moment during my Wardrobe Architect adventure. I learned to see style and silhouette as distinct, though related, elements of my clothing preferences. I like how I look in a tailored jacket, but only when paired with other clothes that aren’t as classically “boardroom professional”.

I call this professional archaeology nerd – a mix of classic scholar and rugged adventure.

Prompted recently to embrace curiosity, I seem to be experimenting with new silhouettes.  Sewing has taught me how to balance outfits with different shapes and fabrics.

For years I swore off skinny jeans, preferring boot cuts and flares. Now I can’t stop wearing them!
Likewise, I avoided loose tops, feeling like I was devoured by a tent and lost in fabric. Now Akita, a semi-loose top, might be my one of my top 5 favorite makes!

This silhouette would have sent me running a year ago. But the light fabrics have more movement and shape than the “at rest” silhouette.

I’m not sure how why I thought these two pastels together would be “too much color”. #addictedtoneutrals
I am actually asking myself WHY certain outfits or garments aren’t or weren’t my style. What choices are my own, what are influenced by media? This is the train of thought that inspired my previous Alchemical Note about body image.

My Mom-Made dress that just makes me feel sassy and classy.
It’s how you wear it, right?

I’m looking forward to MeMadeMay tomorrow and the new outfit combinations I will try.


#AlchemicalNotes are a subgroup of short 250-word blog posts meditating on my life and thoughts as a sewist.

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