Seattle Met’s Quote/Unquote Interview

That I haven’t had a chance to write about one of the most exciting moments of my cosplay and sewing career is a sign of how busy and overwhelmed I have been.

“When I was able to take that love I had for a character and put it into a costume and then be that character for a few hours one day, I felt more confident about myself. I felt more a part of the geek community.”

Last summer, right before PAX Prime, I was interviewed by Seattle Met Magazine’s Matt Halverson about my cosplay, sewing, and GeekGirlCon.

Meris Mullaley photographed at her home in Bryn Mawr-Skyway, August 21, 2015. IMAGE: LOU DAPRILE

It is far too late to pick up a copy of the October 2015 Issue of Seattle Met, but keep an eye out when you are in a doctor’s office or library. I slyly told my dentist about it, and the receptionist quickly stole it from the waiting room so they could frame it. 🙂

Because digial is (nearly) forever, you can read the interview online and even watch a short video of me in four of my costumes:

We created a “Cosplay Hacks” video that showed my evolution of costume-making and offered viewers multiple strategies for making costumes (or thrifting costumes).

It is amazing to see video footage of my costumes. I am so used to static images.

One personal errata for the video: I am uncomfortable with the description of Leliana as “for advanced cosplayers only” (emphasis added by Seattle Met) because I am generally uncomfortable with that exclusive thinking in cosplay. But the costume is significantly more complicated than my Kaylee costume and it certainly is something I would not have felt confident tackling 5 years ago.

4 thoughts on “Seattle Met’s Quote/Unquote Interview

  1. Nice article! And my sister probably still has a copy. I love the interactions in cosplay; I love the sewing and construction and am all RPF and Adam Savage as the child of an engineer, but the interpersonal stuff is the wonderful part. I am pretty shy, but put me in costume and that goes away very quickly.
    Bryn Mawr/Skyway? My childhood is all over that hill!

  2. Ahhh so cool! Congratulations! I’ve yet to go to a con – do you have more fun in or out of costume?

  3. I’m only just now catching up on my blog reading now that school’s out, so I’m finally reading this now. What an exciting opportunity to share your passion! I really enjoyed reading more about your journey to cosplay and confidence as a geek.

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