Project Runway

My friend and former coworker loaned me Season 1 of Project Runway. Years ago I had sworn off reality shows, not wanting to support the competitive nature in communities. (I made an exception for Heroes of Cosplay which was great background noise and inspiration for my own cosplay work, but even it has its flaws.) My friend is a fashion historian and textile curator and she said I would probably love PR, so I gave it a shot.

I never saw myself as a designer, at least not a fashion designer. Now, I am craving more creative adventure in my sewing and wardrobe.

The following outfits made an impression (unfortunately, this season is 13 years old and it is hard to find photos):

Ep 1: Innovation

Austin’s corn husk dress is brilliant. I really like the texture and details of the bodice front. This could be mimicked with some pleating or creative fabric manipulation.

Ep 2: Envy

Nora’s white gown with cut outs, wow. Even if the judges saw it as simplistic, I like that general concept.

Ep 3: Banana Republic

I really need to look up the art deco-inspired line at BR from last decade. That is the stuff I like, even if it is a dozen years ago.

Jay’s dress with angular bodice details caused my jaw to drop. I’d love to make something with that level of detail – sorry you can’t see it well in the photo.

Ep 4: Sarah Hudson

The leather vest that Jay’s team made for Sarah – 0_0

I really dig that kind of corset-like paneling.

Ep 5: Wedding Dresses

Kara’s deep v-neck and back, sleek drape

Wendy’s with asymmetrical lace up back – fitted and flowing contrasts

Ep 7: The Future 

Kevin’s Structured mini-coat (which I can’t find a picture of!)

Kara Saun’s long coat with the leather waist is BEAUTIFUL. Has a feel of steampunk

Finale – 

Kara Saun’s entire line is totally that modern/vintage combo that I gravitate toward.

I enjoyed Season 1. I can’t decide if I want to take the deep dive into the remaining seasons. Do you have a favorite season of Project Runway?

4 thoughts on “Project Runway

  1. I’ve only seen one full episode of Project Runway and I’m not even sure what season it was. I watched it at my parents one summer because they have cable and I don’t. I’ve always felt it was a little too much about the design and not enough about the actual construction (a lot of designers I’ve worked with don’t even know how to sew).

    I really love “The Great British Sewing Bee” though! You can find a lot of those episodes on YouTube and they just finished season (series) 4 a few weeks ago. The difference with British reality tv is the contestants aren’t catty, they truly like each other enough to help each other even though they’re competitors, and they all cry when someone has to go home. GBSB is all about the construction and the details, the judges are tough but fair, and it will plain make you smile – it’s just a really fun & inspiring thing to watch.

  2. I think that there were some really good designers and some nice ideas on Project Runway, Chris March was my favourite. We had a version of it here in the UK as well, Project Catwalk. It was also well worth watching if you have the time/can manage to find it online. Xx

  3. Seasons 1-5 are pretty good, but I wouldn’t bother with the rest of the series, it’s really gone down hill. Leanne Marshall from season 5 is one of my favorite designers.

  4. I’m going to echo the recommendation for The Great British Sewing Bee (GBSB). I could never get into Project Runway because everyone was so mean to each other. I love GBSB, everyone is competing solely by trying to do their best job and the show focuses a lot more on clothing construction and sewing techniques/challenges. Plus, you can see it on YouTube – very important if you don’t have access to TV. 🙂

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