A Rainy Saturday

October (in Seattle) was one of the wettest on record. We had a spectacularly beautiful pre-Halloween weekend last week, allowing for some yard work and bulb planting with my visiting parents. The first weekend of November was a return to autumnal form, bringing clouds, fog, and rain.

I went to sleep Friday night knowing that I had no obligations this weekend – nowhere to be, no one to see. Rather than be sad about that, I am quite relieved. I have great friends, but I am a bit of an introvert and I need alone-time to recharge. Which is not to say I was without grand plans for the weekend. With winter fast approaching (and the imminent return of my husband from his vacation) I felt it was time to do a little cleaning around the house.

As soon as I woke up I opened as many curtains as I could even with the night still clinging to the neighborhood. When the sun rose, I wanted as much light in the house as possible. Our blinds are just the right opaque-ness to keep the house in a perpetual nap-state if desired.  A state which is highly counterproductive to productivity goals.

I started the day with coffee and the final level of Dragon Age Inquisition, Trespasser DLC. I have been playing this game for…two years, nearly. I fell in love with the world the game is set in and couldn’t be bothered to hurry through the story and side quests – there was also a period of personal unrest during which video games were not a high priority. With the final chapter of my Inquisitor’s story finished, I started my weekend with a substantial accomplishment and an abundance of positive energy.


Maya, monitoring my cleaning and Tasukigirl’s ExtraLife stream.


My next quest would be the master bathroom. It has been a while since I gave our bathroom a deep clean and I want to take full advantage of our bathtub during the winter. With all corners of the bathroom scrubbed and glistening, I am feeling very “adult” today (despite eating Mounds candy bars for breakfast and pancakes for lunch).


With all the windows still open, I could see the rain come and go, see the clouds hug the distant hills to the east, and see the birds sneak out between squalls. It all made me appreciate how fortunate I am to have four solid walls and a roof over my head.

I have a bit more productivity planned for the day, some sock sorting and some tidying up of my “vortices” that have grown in the hallway and the guest room.Thankfully many friends are streaming games as part of #ExtraLife, so I have 24-hours of entertainment.

And I also have a clean bathtub with fresh bathbombs waiting for me when I am done.

UPDATE: The bath and the bathbomb were fantastic. I topped it off with a homemade facemask (honey, nutmeg, milk) while I soaked and listened to calming ocean sounds and soothing music.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening friends!

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Saturday

  1. I love that your bathroom was a quest. Attitude is everything. I shall now go mount my pony and take my scrubbing lance to the homemade tile work.
    We shall celebrate with sewing!

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