A Sunny Sunday

Goodbye Daylight Savings! Begone! You are nice during the peak of summer, but in general you mess with my internal clock and leave me groggy most of the spring and fall.

After staying up until the end of Tasukigirl’s ExtraLife fundraising stream, I fell fast asleep shortly after midnight only to be rudely awoken at 1:30am by rain pounding the windows. Still, I woke up at 6:30am feeling unbelievably refreshed and couldn’t figure out why until I remembered that our clocks had fallen back an hour. I now wonder if the rainstorm occurred at 1:30am daylight savings time, or 1:30am after the clocks fell back an hour.

Having gotten everything out of their system, the clouds stepped aside this morning to let the sun shine in its autumn glory. All of the changing leaves are a little bit more vibrant thanks to the sunlight. I hopped out of bed and tugged open all the blinds and curtains in the house to fill it with as much sunshine as I could.

After feeling an energy blockage for most of October, I didn’t recognize myself (to borrow the words from a friend’s tweet). I made breakfast, I had time to sip by coffee and watch the birds peck at the ground while ignoring the four overflowing feeders.

The day was not quite as productive as Saturday, but I remained in the same moving forward state of mind. I continued to find energy as I moved from laundry to vacuuming to making time to play with the cat.

Eventually, I succumbed to exhaustion and napped with the cat in the sunshine. (She knows the best spots.)

I finished the day by making time for creative endeavors, namely washing and ironing all the fabric I adopted last week. Everything is ready to go when it is time to sew. I don’t have firm plans for anything here. I think I’ll make some tapered trousers with the off-white twill. I have 2-3 yards of all the fabrics.

Alright, I am falling asleep as I type this. This weekend has been non-stop. (And Monday was equally go-go-go.) Have a great week!

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