Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights


Here are a couple snippets of my life outside sewing in 2016

1. We got a puppy!! This is Finn.

You can expect to see lots of this cutie on Instagram.

On the ride home


Settled in a couple weeks later

2. I took a new job. 

Three years at the museum taught me so much. It was time for me to make a change and grow my professional skills even more.

3. A Dependable Strengths Workshop taught me about myself

This workshop was recommended by my therapist when I felt lost and uncertain of my path. I learned valuable things about myself, my abilities, and my strengths.


4. New Glasses! The need is minor. But the computer headaches are fewer.

5. New York City

Greg and I took a short trip to NYC to visit my brother and sightsee. It was my second time to the city and his first. I only duplicated two sites – Central Park, the Met, and the Natural History Museum. I visited Mood Fabrics, where I was overwhelmed by its vast selection of everything. My brother showed me nearly all of the city parks, or it felt that way based on the amount of walking we did.

The most unique part of the trip was Sleep No More. This is an interactive theater experience, retelling Macbeth in a multi-floor building. As you move around you encounter different rooms, different actors and scenes. If you go to NYC, get tickets!


Armory in Central Park


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