Top 5 Goals for 2017

Thank you bodacious readers for continuing with me on this journey. We have finished another year. I don’t know about you, but half of my brain pictures the year as a big rectangle and tonight at midnight we take the long journey from the lower right corner to the upper left. The other half of my … More Top 5 Goals for 2017

Top 5 Hits of 2016

My love of creating is back. 2016 marked an intentional shift in how I approached my sewing and knitting queue, namely prioritizing everyday apparel over my costumes. I felt exuberance, joy, and peace of mind with fabric and thread in hand. I finished four knitted projects this year and I sewed eight garments. Here are my Top … More Top 5 Hits of 2016

Top 5 Misses of 2016

Last year I cited the lack of “misses” as a sign that I did not craft enough. This year I have opportunities to keep learning and improving my craft. The following projects have tested my patience, made me feel like I wasted materials and time, and pushed me to confront my conflation of mistake with … More Top 5 Misses of 2016

Top 5 of 2016!

If you follow Crafting a Rainbow, you know that the #SewingTop5 is back! When I look back on 2016, I hope it will be known as one of my building years, personally and professionally.  All of my #SewingTop5 posts will land this week, ramping up to the start of 2017!  First of all, I want … More Top 5 of 2016!

Top 5 Misses of 2015

My top 5 misses of 2015 are the projects that I wanted to make, bought the pattern, started buying fabric and supplies, but did not finish (of even start). 1. Dahlia Colette debuted their Dahlia Dress pattern during my Wardrobe Architect adventure. The sillouette matched what I was looking for and the suggested fabrics (crepes and … More Top 5 Misses of 2015

Top 5 Hits of 2015

2015 is the year I finally felt immensely confident in my own sewing. I only felt “competent” in previous years. There were still stressful moments and long nights, but I never felt like I couldn’t do the skills the projects asked for.
This year was a year of costumes and almost nothing else. I can guarantee that will come up again in my #SewingTop5 revelations and goals write-ups. 🙂 … More Top 5 Hits of 2015