Leliana, Spymaster of the Inquisition (Dragon Age Cosplay Gallery)

I started work on this Leliana costume in the summer of 2014, shortly before Dragon Age Inquisition was released. At the time she was the most complex costume that I tackled.

Through this costume and the Dragon Age fan community I have met a number of wonderful people. After two years of great convention experiences, I am putting Leliana into semi-retirement and may bring her back when Dragon Age 4 comes out. Until then, here is a photo gallery to commemorate this character.

Playing The Game in Orlais

Thank you to Giosia Photography for helping me document, the character, the costume and the work I put into it this summer. Photos taken at Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA.




Fabric Alchemist as Leliana from Dragon Age Inquisition. Photo taken by Giosia Photography

Playing a game of Wicked Grace at Skyhold

Thank you Gossen Photography and Krashly Photography for working with such a large group of cosplayers, to capture this hilarious cut scene from the game. Photos taken at Capitol Cider in Seattle, WA.





More photos from both photoshoots are on my Facebook page.

For an explanation on my costume build, check out the Leliana tag.


6 thoughts on “Leliana, Spymaster of the Inquisition (Dragon Age Cosplay Gallery)

  1. I saw your post on Sewcialists. I’m not a cosplayer but I really like the hood on your costume. I’m going to try to draft my own version. Very cool!

      1. How funny!! I just saw that yesterday when i was looking to see if there were any patterns out there.

  2. nice photos, greats cosplay wish i knew how to sew. also the cosplay fits you well in terms of completing a complementary look!

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