Learning New Things & Teaching Myself

I grew up with the understanding that I would choose a major in college and that would be the career path I would follow for the rest of my life.

Technology and the 2007 Great Recession changed that worldview.

I’ve reinvented myself at least three times so far in my career. The reinventions that took place between undergrad and grad school (2005), following a layoff (2012), and when my self worth finally rose above the quality of life a non-profit museum salary could give me (2016) were all subtle navigation shifts. We’re talking 5-10 degrees different.

The changes I’m embracing now are more dramatic and require honing long-dormant skills and learning some things that are completely new.

To do this I’ve turned to a range of sources from traditional classes (college and vocational school) to YouTube videos. My favorite resource is Lynda.com.

After attending a few panels and talking to artist friends, I’ve concluded that a formal art degree isn’t as high a priority as practice and portfolio development.

So, you might be asking, what does this mean for my sewing and The Fabric Alchemist?

My experience with sewing is a large reason I am on this pursuit. I can’t, and won’t abandon it. However, sewing and knitting now must share time with drawing, painting, and rendering. I don’t yet know what this new creative landscape will look like.

I already know that my cosplay is taking a lengthy hiatus. When I sew, I want to prioritize clothing that I can wear every day or costumes that showcase my design skills over my interpretation of someone else’s character design.

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