Bonus Draping Project – A Cowl Neck Shirt

#ThrowbackThursday to a draping class project from summer 2017. I had made quick progress through the class and the instructor let me play with knits and draping cowls.

I love the back the most. The front is OK. Considering how everything else is at a 45-degree angle, the almost 90-degree angle at the front is feels at odds. At least it will give me access to my left front pocket.

At present, despite how the photos appear, the garment is sleeveless. I may go back and add some winged sleeves for dramatic flair if it feels off-balance. I imagine this in both a lightweight jersey knit as well as a thicker wool knit.

This moment made me feel more like a fashion designer than I have felt before. I feel more comfortable with that title, even as I muddle over what I want my future to include.

I ultimately threw away the paper pattern I drafted from this because it had a number of issues that came up during evening out the sides. I still remember the feeling of accomplishment, curiosity, and confidence while draping this. I look forward to that feeling again soon.

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