d20 Dames, a D&D podcast

My creativity took new shapes in 2018.

Most of the time you can catch me with a pencil or paintbrush in hand. But a couple times a month you’ll find me making cool things with a tool I’ve traditionally shied away from—my voice.

I am part of d20 Dames, an all-women (and predominately women-of-color) Dungeons & Dragons actual-play podcast. I play Rose Lao, a human monk from the country of Shou Lung. She’s journeyed west to the Sword Coast to investigate rumors of an old legend, when she meets other adventurers and, of course, D&D hijinks ensue.

Riot (Jen) is searching for her lost siblings. Loraya (Jess) has connections that may help both answer their questions.

Our adventures are led by DM Kat (also the voice of the other supporting characters, monsters, and sentient plant life) and our episodes are masterfully edited and produced by Brittni. Brittni also plays recurring NPCs (non-player characters) that are fast becoming fan-favorites.


If you enjoy storytelling podcasts or role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, please have a listen to our young podcast. We strive to be family-friendly, so you can listen with your kids on long road trips.

And if you like to PLAY D&D, Kat Kruger has published some of the adventures she has written for the Dames on the DM’s Guild.

We are halfway through our second season. But you can catch up from the beginning on your favorite podcast service, like Stitcher or iTunes

Once you have caught up, new episodes come out every other Tuesday!

And you should check out my creative podcast-partners:

Misadventure Awaits!

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