Forging a marriage with handmade rings

I mentioned in my re-sewlutions post that I am getting married this summer, but you may have noticed that my blog has been pretty quiet regarding any wedding planning. I am a low-key personality, but there are a few creative projects that I am excited to share with you over the next few months:

  • The dress
  • The shoes
  • The rings

Let me start with the rings. I recently attended the Lovesick Expo in Seattle. This is a wedding expo for the Offbeat Bride community and people of similar, alternative perspectives on weddings. At this expo I learned about a local Seattle jeweler, With These Rings, who works with couples to forge their own rings. That’s right. FORGE OUR OWN RINGS! (So many Lord of the Rings puns…)

Greg and I are SUPER EXCITED about making each other’s rings. As you can probably tell from our cosplay, we love working on projects together and we place high value in the story of an object’s creation. We also try to live a lifestyle that prioritizes experiences and memories over physical objects. We were a bit apprehensive about the process of choosing and buying wedding bands because we aren’t “jewelry” people. This has changed everything.

Now, I have a favor to ask of you. Greg and I have entered a Valentines Giveaway contest hosted by With These Rings. We are one of 10 couples vying for the opportunity to win a private workshop session to hand-make (by fabrication or wax casting) each other’s wedding bands. I very much want that winning couple to be myself and Greg, but I also encourage you to read the stories of the other couples.

Would you consider voting for us? We have some close competition.

I know that I do not know many of you personally, but I hope that our shared love of creativity, geekery, and supporting independent businesses will encourage you to vote for a semi-stranger in a Facebook contest.

To vote: Please click the image below to be taken to Facebook and then please consider like and comment on the photo. What’s that you say? You aren’t sure what to leave as a comment? Greg and I could certainly use some ideas for engraved phrases. Extra points for geeky references.

Meris and Greg in Bioshock costumes

Thank you so much!

Meris & Greg

2 thoughts on “Forging a marriage with handmade rings

  1. Oh, if I had a personal FB account I would totally vote for you! I hope you win just so I can read all about the process – so cool!

    As to ideas about inscriptions, just keep it simple. How about a simple “42” – afterall, it’s the answer to everything and the meaning of life. 😉

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