Sewing through the long wait

So here we are. Watching a virus travel across the globe in a surreal (and sometimes very real) newsfeed montage of images of people in face masks, shopping carts full of supples, and late night comedian news summary clips. We’re avoiding each other, buying a couple extra of everything when we venture out to the … More Sewing through the long wait

A Wild Baby Play Mat

My friend group is in the early years of its “baby boom” and not being a parent myself, I don’t always know what new parents (or new humans) need and want. Thankfully I was once a small child and I remember how much fabric wall hangings and playmats got in my household. My mom made both … More A Wild Baby Play Mat


This week has been… challenging infuriating isolating and it has also been reassuring at times to find hope and strength among friends and in the sewing community. I needed some self care time this weekend and turned to a number of creative projects. I started work on the Sierra halter bra pattern, by Madalynne. I bought … More Weekend

Top 5 Hits of 2016

My love of creating is back. 2016 marked an intentional shift in how I approached my sewing and knitting queue, namely prioritizing everyday apparel over my costumes. I felt exuberance, joy, and peace of mind with fabric and thread in hand. I finished four knitted projects this year and I sewed eight garments. Here are my Top … More Top 5 Hits of 2016

Top 5 Misses of 2016

Last year I cited the lack of “misses” as a sign that I did not craft enough. This year I have opportunities to keep learning and improving my craft. The following projects have tested my patience, made me feel like I wasted materials and time, and pushed me to confront my conflation of mistake with … More Top 5 Misses of 2016

Four Knitting WIPs

  I have never had this many knitting projects cast on at the same time. I was impatient. There were too many ideas floating around my head. Too many yarns in my stash. Plus a couple projects were going to require more space and focus than I had on the bus rides to work. So rather … More Four Knitting WIPs