Me-made May-hem! 

I skipped MMM’14 last year because of sewing burn-out. This year, I am back and I want to celebrate the things I have made, modified, and …. (damn, I can’t think of a third “m” word).

In any case, I want to inspire myself to create more. Maybe even inspire some of you! (This is me taking to heart some of the comments from our Craft Table Chats.)

We are moving on May 1 to our new home and I think boxing a bunch of stuff up is a great time to highlight my me-made wardrobe.

I, Meris of The Fabric Alchemist, pledge to wear at least one me-made or me-modified item everyday in May. (Exceptions being when I am cleaning the house, working in the yard, or moving boxes.)

I will be posting daily outfits on Instagram (@fabricalchemist) and composing some type of weekly write-up. It might be a summary of the clothes, it might be about something new I am inspired to make.

I hope you are all anticipating an inspiring May, when the sewing blogosphere becomes hyperactive. I say this only because I have done it in the past – MeMadeMay is not a time to rush yourself, stress yourself, or force yourself to make something. Use it as a healthy challenge. Look to your sewing and knitting peers for inspiration and celebration, not comparison and self-deprecation.

Happy Spring!

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