Me-Made May ’15 Begins

I have pledged to wear one handmade garment or accessory each day in the month of May, with exceptions for cleaning house and messy yard work.

May 1 – one of my Fave me-makes – New Look 6104

This shirt goes with everything it seems. Having adjusted the shoulders to fit even better I plan to make other versions of this pattern in fabric that is not a used bedsheet. (The belt, jacket, and shoes are thrift finds.

Gray is a huge staple of my wardrobe. I have so much of it that it can be challenging to make outfits that don’t resemble rain clouds. That is part of the reason I want to revive this skirt and keep it in circulation. It offers a powerful pop of color for my neutral-toned outfits. Actually this combination – poppy red skirt, apple green blazer, and blue shoes – is one of my most colorful. It makes me feel vibrant. I need a pair of pants (other than denim) that offer a strong contrast against these light neutrals (maybe red or black).

May 2 – it is Saturday, but it is also a work day.

Made with Simplicity 2262 (a pattern I have since given away), this was one of my first handmade garments. I chose the fabric for the pattern and the fact that it was on sale. Unfortunately, quilting cotton does not drape and this garment needs to drape. I had to take nearly 6 inches off the side seams to make it flattering. It still poofs out in the back, but as a friend on Instagram pointed out, a belt adds some shape. I’ll hold onto it for another year and see what kind of use I get from it.

Wardrobe Architect Observations – I used to wear a lot of olive green, then my color palette began to shift, as you can see from MMM ’13. Olive greens don’t really fit into my current wardrobe, but I continue to own a few items that I like in the green spectrum. Maybe those black pants I want to make will solve this issue.

May 3 – a Me-Made becomes a grubby house cleaning shirt

I made this bamboo cotton jersey shirt in year-one of sewing. It is a Simplicity pattern I can’t find online anymore. The bamboo jersey has begun to pill in the wash and I now know I prefer my knit shirts more fitted. After two years of not wearing this shirt I decided that I could clean my house (before we sell) and participate in #MMM15 after all!

May the 4th be with you

In honor of Star Wars day I tried to find something that approximated “Disney bounding” for the original trilogy.

This is the closest I could get – a brown wrap dress that wishes it were Jedi robes. Worn over a white tank top and boots, I will say I am channeling Obi-Wan Kenobi. After all, Sir Alec Guinness and I share a birthday. The wrap dress pattern was a free pattern, possibly a member project on Burda Style, but it was a set pattern size and too small for me. This is another handmade garment that only comes out of Me Made May. I need to part ways with it at the next clothing swap.

Gillian has started up her #sewingdares again and she has given me a dare!

Ok, the simple dare is to sew curtains for your new sewing room… the harder dare is to figure out and make something that you could wear as part of at least 2 different outfits in MMM – the intangible missing link to make orphaned clothes into the perfect outfit!
Your choice!! :)”
I think black pants are the direction I am going to go, but first I need to finish unpacking my sewing room.

2 thoughts on “Me-Made May ’15 Begins

  1. I haven’t ventured into sewing clothes, other than some simple skirts/dresses for the girls, you’re motivating me to try to make something for myself soon!

    1. I think you should! There are so many entry-level patterns and online resources. I firmly believe that if someone wants to sew, and has the time and willingness to make mistakes and learn, they can do it. Check out the #mmm15 hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr for more inspiration.

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