Leveling up: Making an Elegant Evening Gown 

Every December we have attend the Child’s Play Charity Dinner. Most of the geeky and gaming-related auction items quickly exceed my budget but I go mainly to spend the evening with many of my closest friends dressed to the nines and champagne in hand. We call it “Geek Prom”.

BONUS: the proceeds go to supporting children in hospitals.

On par with ECCC, PAX, and GeekGirlCon, this is one of the highly anticipated events of my year. It is one of the only opportunities I have to get dressed up.

In previous years I have been able to reuse dresses purchased for other events. I like getting multiple uses out of clothes, especially formal wear.

Wearing a green strapless gown and maroon velvet jacket at 2011 Child's Play Dinner
2011 – Green taffeta bridesmaid dress with LOFT velvet jacket
Wearing a short blue taffeta cocktail dress with ruffled shoulder at Child's Play 2012
2012 – Blue taffeta cocktail dress with ruffled shoulder (not visible)
Elizabeth and Booker cosplayers posing with Bioshock Infinite statue at Child's Play 2013
2013 – Elizabeth & Booker cosplay
Woman wearing black velvet and lace gown and man wearing hat and gray vest at Childs Play 2014
2014 – Black velvet gown with lace back and shoulders (thrift store, $13)

This year I am making my gown. I am often introduced by friends as a seamstress or cosplayer, and I want to embody that identity to my fullest.



I looked through ALL of BurdaStyle’s dress patterns. All of them. This one, from 2011 screamed to me.

I’ve got my fabric. A muslin has been made and a few pattern alterations are in progress.

So here we are, 6 nights away from Child’s Play. I have mapped out the work. It is only one garment (my costumes are 3-6 pieces). I can do it. Follow updates on Instagram. I will see you on December 10!

Dec 1 – muslin sewing
Dec 3 – muslin fitting
Dec 4 – pattern adjustments
Dec 5 – cut out fabrics; baste chiffon & main fabrics
Dec 6 – start sewing pieces togther
Dec 7 – sew lining
Dec 8 – add zipper & try on again with shoes, pin the hem
Dec 9 – stitch hems, decide on hair and make up
Dec 10 – Knock everyone’s socks off.

3 thoughts on “Leveling up: Making an Elegant Evening Gown 

  1. I’m enjoying watching your process on IG! I’ve never sewn anything remotely fancy, so it’s fun to watch!

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