Send me Your Assassin’s Creed Costume Questions!

Hello, Assassin’s Creed fans and cosplayers!

Every day you are reading my original posts on the Ezio Auditore costume I made for my husband in 2012.

I’m curious – is it helpful? Are you learning what you need to tackle this costume yourself? What questions do you still have?

It has been three years and I know more about sewing and costume design than I did in 2012. So I have started working on an updated Ezio Auditore costume post, one that addresses what I might do differently now and what repairs I need to make on the original costume after three years of convention use.

To ensure this post is as useful as it can be to the cosplay and Assassin’s Creed community, please send me your questions! You can leave a comment in the post below or send me an email at thefabricalchemist (at) gmail (dot) com by February 14. 

And if you are a fellow Assassin’s Creed cosplayer with a blog or write-up on your own costume, I am happy to share a link to your work.

Our Ezio Auditore & Shao Jun, photo courtesy of Assassin’s Creed Community Team

6 thoughts on “Send me Your Assassin’s Creed Costume Questions!

  1. For a short time, I was entrusted with coming up with the spring loaded arm blade device. It was deeply rethought and remains unbuilt, but super thin drawer slides and a short search on Instructables will give decent results. Also get stripped at the door of any respectable Con…
    Instructables is full of goodness on this topic. is worth a peek, and brings up related cosplay builds.
    But please, no Simplicity 1040. What is he, the pope of Assasins?

  2. Oh gosh…. I ran into your previous blog post looking for expertise in which fabrics would be appropriate for an Ezio costume, and I find that you’ve made an update post just recently! This is so very exciting!
    I’ve only skimmed through the blog at the moment but I just wanted to thank you for coming back to your old work to make things more convenient for the rest of us.
    I’m specifically delving into making Old Ezio’s costume (from Revelations) but I wanted to know which fabrics work best in general and what kind of stitches work with this particular outfit, so I would know how to navigate my way through my costume.
    I’m now off to read your advice.
    Thanks again 🙂

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