Me-Making March: Week 1


Edit: Ha! I had forgotten I scheduled this post for this morning. 🙂 Thankfully it was a readable draft. However, it doesn’t include the pictures. That has been remedied.  

March 1 – Print & tape Adelaide PDF Pattern!

March 2 – Tape together Akita PDF Pattern, Grade & trace patterns for Camas Blouse, Akita Blouse, and Adelaide Skirt

March 3 – Assembled thrifted outfit for March 4 date night  
March 4 – Nothing.

March 5 – Cut out and see Akita muslin.

Thoughts on Week 1:

Well, I succeeded at doing something almost every day. But my other responsibilities fell by the wayside.

Next week I will try to be more intentional about doing a task and moving to something else.

One of my ultimate goals is to make creative time a daily habit, but also make sure it is worked in with cleaning the sink, laundry, and time with husband and cat.

I am eager to make my final Akita. Then I will turn to the Adelaide dress.




3 thoughts on “Me-Making March: Week 1

  1. I understand and like the purpose of making a muslin, but I hate spending time making something I won’t use. It looks like your Akita muslin, though, looks like it’s made from a wearable fabric. Do you manage to make muslins that you can also use?

    1. For costumes I usually make muslins out of cheap cotton or bedsheets. For everyday clothes making a wearable muslin is something new I am trying. I don’t make muslins for everything, but I was so in love with the fabric I am using for the final Akita that I wanted to work out any fit issues ahead of time.

  2. Cut wide seam allowances and hope for the best.
    Inevitably, I end up making the successful muslin out of something that won’t last very long. And then I wear that to death, and making another one is less successful.

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