Me-Making March: Week 2


This second week of Me-Making March has been all about my Akita Blouse. There is a full write-up about this blouse with a review of the Seamwork Magazine pattern coming tomorrow.

Thoughts on Week 2

When I envisioned this March Challenge, I imagined myself finishing a couple projects each week. In reality I am not making as much progress on as many projects as I had hoped, but I am still making more progress than I was making in February. And that really was the intention of this self-challenge.

There is not a way to fail Me-Making March. Yes, the goal is to allocate some small amount of time each day to one’s creative projects. But it is also important to forgive and allow ourselves time to focus on other demands of life and loved ones. Think about how Me-Made May is structured. Each participant is able to develop their own challenge.

Without further ado, here are my Instagram posts from the week. (I’m trying this method to save time since I am posting to IG every day.)

March 6 


March 7

This hot hemmer was on my holiday gift list. I have only used it a few times and like it. Though, as  Brooke pointed out, you can make your own with cardstock or manila folders.

March 8


March 9 


March 10


March 11


March 12

I thought this post might be my last creative post for the week. It turns out that my girl’s night revolved around creativity and in one week, I’ll get my newly-painted yarn bowl back. Hmm, I should choose my next knitting project.

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Ceramic painting with @lizsmithdammit!

A post shared by Meris (@fabricalchemist) on

The week ended with Akita almost completed, a new sewing project cut out, and a painted ceramic bowl waiting to be glazed & fired.


5 thoughts on “Me-Making March: Week 2

  1. I am following along your MMM and love this fabric. Your blouse looks lovely. I am so impressed that you are making a bowl with yarn on. It looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing it after it has been fired. Xx

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