Fall 2017-Winter 2018 Sewing Plans & Mood Board

Here we are at the start of another season and my brain is working overtime thinking about sewing projects and ways to change up my daily work wardrobe. My spring mood board didn’t really result in any new spring makes, but it helped me look at my fabric stash differently. I am hoping that this … More Fall 2017-Winter 2018 Sewing Plans & Mood Board

Personal Style Stories

Even when I am not at the sewing machine I’m thinking about sewing, or refining my wardrobe, or minimizing clutter and possessions. I’m analyzing my coworker’s side pant-leg pocket for ways to add them to a costume. I’m cataloging what I like and dislike about certain garments I wear to inform future sewing projects or … More Personal Style Stories


Astoria is a coastal town in northwest Oregon. My memories of it are gray, foggy, a little damp, and full of love because we visited with family friends. One of my favorite memories is the kids all sprawling on the grass at the base of a lighthouse pretending we had fallen from the observation deck, … More Astoria

A Celestial Summer Dress: the Seamwork Catarina

The March 2016 issue of Seamwork Magazine was themed “Celebration” and featured two dress patterns that I can imagine someone wearing to a graduation or warm-weather wedding: the Catarina and the Kenedy These patterns came out around the time I was thinking a lot about my body and my sewing and how my feelings about … More A Celestial Summer Dress: the Seamwork Catarina

Alchemical Notes: New Silhouettes 

I had an ah-ha moment during my Wardrobe Architect adventure. I learned to see style and silhouette as distinct, though related, elements of my clothing preferences. I like how I look in a tailored jacket, but only when paired with other clothes that aren’t as classically “boardroom professional”. Prompted recently to embrace curiosity, I seem … More Alchemical Notes: New Silhouettes 

My Akita Blouse

I almost didn’t make Akita. The shirt as it appeared in Seamwork, didn’t look like my style of shirt. Most notably, the sleeves stuck out very wide, almost like wings. I try to avoid garments that add width to my already broad shoulders. What changed my mind was all of the beautiful creations by other … More My Akita Blouse