Nessie for my niece

For my niece’s first birthday, I gave her a life size (for her) Loch Ness Monster — aka Nessie — plush.


This project would not have been possible without Pinterest and Hannah, the creative mind over at “We Lived Happily Every After“. If you have always wanted your very own Loch Ness Monster Plush, she has a great pattern and tutorial. The pattern is simple to print out and tape together and the sewing instructions are easy to follow. I got overconfident and proceeded ahead of the instructions, realizing too late that I attached the flippers the wrong way. Nessie can be a pillow for kids or adults. For small enough children, the plush is big enough to ride.

Nessie sews up in less than an hour.

Yesterday Nessie met her new owner.


The initial meeting was slow and cautious — which is a good strategy when you are meeting a mythological creature for the first time.


They warmed to each other and were quickly off on their first adventure into the loch.

What is your favorite kids sewing project that you have worked on?

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