Spring 2017 – Sewing Plans and Mood Board


The sudden appearance of Me-Made-May posts in my blog feed surprised me today. Surely, it can’t already be May. I checked the calendar.

Phew. Thankfully it is only mid-April, but even that seems preposterous to us Pacific Northwest residents. Grays skies are NOT about to clear up…as the less popular verse of that “Bye Bye Birdie” song goes.

My sewing project short-list of jeans, trousers, a wool coat, and two wool crepe dresses just no longer felt right for April in my latitude. I’m taking control of this situation and bumping some projects up the queue. I am in desperate need of sunshine, Vitamin D, and a spring wardrobe refresh.

As luck would have it, two nights ago I was starting to organize my fabric stash, and these were my first four cataloged fabrics (using the Cora app). The colors of my spring wardrobe were set.

Interface of Cora App. Free trial, app purchase to catalog more than 5 fabrics.

Spring 2017 Sewing List

Gray Ginger Jeans – these are staying on the list. I need some spring time pants…and really I just need new pants.

Ogden cami (or similar) – made from a thin cotton voile (or similar fabric) in a bright salmon pink.

Jersey top for layering – I have 3/4 of a yard and I’m not sure if that’s enough for even a draped vest. I would like to make a layering piece to wear over the Ogden Cami and the chiffon blouse and dress. I would LIKE sleeves, but that seems unlikely. It looks like there are some easy DIY tutorials for draped vests.

Silk chiffon blouse and a silk chiffon dress – Greg brought me fabric from India. I was inspired by a couple dresses on Anthropologie and asked him to keep an eye out for delicate floral silk fabric. I don’t have a blouse pattern in mind yet for the white floral fabric. For the green chiffon, I’m thinking about either self-drafting a spaghetti-straps dress or using the Nicola dress by Victory Patterns.

Overall, I’m looking to craft delicate, breathable garments inspired by the slow emergence of spring. I will print out this mood board to remind me of my spring wardrobe aspirations.


Spring Sewing Moodboard_041917
Spring 2017 Mood Board – Fresh Blooms

I am most excited to use the fabric my husband brought back for me.

What are your Spring 2017 sewing or knitting projects?










2 thoughts on “Spring 2017 – Sewing Plans and Mood Board

  1. I’ll be making basics such as t-shirts, tank tops and shorts. Everything I have is looking pretty worn. For your layering piece, maybe you could make the sleeves from another color. Either way, good luck with your list!

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