Assassins Creed Origins – An Egyptian History and Cosplay Primer

I’m incredibly excited for Assassin’s Creed Origins and the costume potential. While I don’t have immediate plans to build a costume based on the game, I do have a unique cross section of expertise to offer fabric suggestions based on Egyptian history. … More Assassins Creed Origins – An Egyptian History and Cosplay Primer

Cosmic Ash Suit, 2017

The Cosmic Ash Suit (patent pending) was manufactured in 2017 on Sol-4 (aka: Earth) for an elite squad of engineers and technicians who will be building our future in space. To learn more about this team, visit the website of Cosmic Ash Studios. Suit Technical Specs Materials:  Compression fabric to keep muscles from atrophying in zero-gravity … More Cosmic Ash Suit, 2017

Dressed for Brooklyn

When my mom and I started planning our weekend trip to Brooklyn, New York I thought about taking a whole me-made wardrobe for the two-and-a-half day trip. That ambitious idea shrunk down to one new dress, and it is the best dress I could have taken. I wore a dress made from the fabric I … More Dressed for Brooklyn