Happy N7 Day!

N7: shorthand for the Normandy ship in the Mass Effect video game series.

Geek holidays are cropping up everywhere. Examples: March 14 is Pi day (3.14). May 4 is Star Wars Day, on which everyone declares “May The Fourth Be With You!”

N7: November 7 – Mass Effect Day (or more broadly, BioWare Day on which geeks and gamers profess their love for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games.)

Dragon Age Cosplay - Inquisitor and Leliana

In honor of this holiday, I want to share a video made by Cosplay Boom celebrating the Dragon Age and Mass Effect cosplay community. The Cosplay Boom documentary series is a labor of love by Todd and Megan. They are working hard to document cosplayers in their natural habitat (conventions) and showcase the artistry, friendships, and positive community that exists among cosplayers, fans, and content creators (game studios, movie studios, actors, etc).

Even more exciting, I’m in this as Leliana! (Although not interviewed.) I haven’t had a chance to write about finishing my Leliana costume, but I promise to do so before the end of the year, so consider this a sneak peek!

At the 0.05 second mark you can see my husband as the Inquisitor.

At 3:58, I am staring you down as Leliana from Dragon Age: Inquisition. (Geek out moment: I immediately follow footage of the awesome Holly Conrad – one of my cosplay heroes- as the Inquisitor!) Also at 11:58, during Todd’s closing remarks.

If you enjoy cosplay, Mass Effect & Dragon Age, or you just love looking at people showcasing their sewing and crafting skills, this 14 minute video is for you. There is another Cosplay Boom video on their youtube and Patreon pages. If you really like what Cosplay Boom is doing, consider donating to their project so that we can continue to highlight the positive side of the cosplay phenomenon & its community.

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